“The Depths Of Your Pain.”

I can’t begin to fathom the depths of your pain
When I consider how debilitating mine is
To understand your suffering tears me apart
It’s one thing to be without one another
That part I am crawling through myself
But I never hurt you, I don’t have that to carry
I am simply the recipient of all this pain.

Knowing what it does to me must have you riddled with despair
The depressive, life taking sadness you bestow has me broken minute by minute
And for you to bear that weight is ungodly
But if that was all you are feeling it would be wretched enough
Unlike me, you are also dealing with someone you don’t want to be with
The undying presence of that failure
Looking at that and knowing he’s the opposite of me, of anything fulfilling
Triples your grief and aloneness indefinitely.

And the saddest part of all this oppression
is that you keep welcoming it
You keep holding onto it
And in the face of keeping at arms length everything you’ve ever wanted and more
It sits right under your beautiful nose
Unwavering and eternal
Kept fresh and at the ready for your eminent return
This unbreakable bond amidst the sabotage you inflict.

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