Lately I struggle to think, let alone write, anything upbeat and normal but I just want to take a moment to praise up my kids. Though I’m shrouded in sadness, they are always such lights in my life and bless me in so many ways. Though these summers seem to stretch on forever, having them around so much holds much to cherish.

Recently my girls were away at my moms which is always nice and refreshing but not without strangeness indeed. As much as constant messes everywhere and diffusing mini spats suck, living in the absence of such antics is far worse. Needless to say, they enjoyed their time with Gran and all was well.

We hit up Sikome lake yesterday for the third time this summer, and just roasted more wienies ‘n smores this evening. These ongoing summer time rituals never cease to provide a good time, even if it’s mostly for me at these later years. Seems like I’m the one pushing for such festivities although I’m not exactly twisting their arms to attend.

It has been nice seeing my first born more lately these past few months. With rarely a dull moment in this life, I have been among the richest of folks in being surrounded by such wonderful children.

The fall can’t come soon enough and with it brings changes abounding. The girls will enter the twelfth grade and I will continue my schooling for Addictions Counseling. My poetry book will soon finally be released and I will go back to work as well. Not something I ever thought my adult self would say but I need to become busier.

As empty as I feel inside most hours of the day, I am truly a successful individual. Outside of heartbreak, I have nothing to complain about. I suppose looking on the bright side, this is excellent fodder for my poetry. Life carries on and we make the best of the hands we are dealt.

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    1. Thank you! Family trumps all

      1. Definitely does! Beautiful family

      2. Thank you very much!

      3. You’re very welcome!

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