“Engaging The Unknown.”

Within the human experience
Treasures abundant surround our beings
Miracles cascading like diamond rain drops
Baptize the inner workings
Of our intricate, delicate selves.

Shelve your rock-and-a-hard-place mentality
And pray away the monstrous folly of fear
Today is your day of redemption
These cramped quarters of the mind
Are overturned by the aspiration dwelling within.

We aren’t stepping on landmines anymore
Graduation to a yellow brick road made of gold
Leading to the most magnificent portals
Opening up these other worldly destinations
Where the journey is the only thing that matters.

Place your hand in mine and conjure magic electric
Ceremoniously engaging the unknown
Together unraveling its quiet mystery
Debunking any lies that still sustain
And forging the way on coals of flame to enter heavens foyer.

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