Writing our story, with tears streaming down
Each memory a moment carved in my heart
And in each moment, a myriad of colors and warmth
Bathing me, transcending me complete.

Fresh enough to pull from the files
Yet distant enough to tug on my heart
You are here with me as these words pour out
How could you not be? I don’t conjure this alone.

You in your world and I, in mine
But melting together, interlocked on each other
For nothing has changed and neither will it ever, you said it yourself
Etched on our hearts irrevocably.

These scrawlings come out hard and fast
I’m having to dam the flow or float away indefinitely
This sea is vast and there is much to express
Life changing, but course setting, more accurately.

Years of deep exploration and limitless passion
Concentrated into three hundred days
The rollercoastering freight train of our fervor, with smiles to my blue bird
Entered into the halls of my eternal legacy.

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