Practicum Planning.

I have been taking the Addictions Resource Worker program these past few months because of two reasons, both of which I am extremely passionate about. One is quite obvious being the ability to work with and provide counsel to those suffering in the thralls of addiction. The other reason, and possibly more important, is to work with and help rehabilitate abused women wanting to flee ongoing trauma.

Three months into my studies and I am now looking at my practicum placement. Though not applicable until a February start, it is important to me to have an agency lined up much sooner. There are several agencies that work closely with abused women and one that seems like a good fit has come to my attention.

Without naming names, this agency facilitates the need to counsel and help women fleeing the sex trade market. Amongst these beautiful souls there is an addiction rate of 92% which is startling enough. Over their heads and trapped, there’s nearly a 100% chance self-medication will seep into your life and like most of these women, overtake them completely.

It’s more than a foot in the door; it’s my first chance to make a difference. My truest passion in this field is assisting and counseling women fleeing abusive long term relationships but that will come in due time. And with or without addiction present, there are many things to unpack as they come out from under their oppressive bastard dog tormentors.

What a beautiful world this would be without addiction, and without wrongly programmed men holding women down and taking from them the only thing that matters: themselves. The good news is most all of them make it out, eventually. They spring the trap or more so step out of it.

It’s as though that’s all I hear about lately, stories from woman after woman about finally starting to live their lives. I want to jump for joy every time I hear of their success. I contain myself, but inside I’m high fiving anyone in a five mile radius. Each victory should be celebrated immensely for they are warriors held back no more.

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