“Taste In My Mouth.”

For months, when you’d get found out
You’d tuck tail and regress
You’d go begrudgingly back to your master
And then you’d find me or I’d find you
And we’d melt and pick right back up
This became what we did
No matter how many times that pig kept tracking you and finding out
With zero self-awareness and zero dignity
He’d take you back a hundred more times
Denial his number one trait.

And now, after a summer of being never closer
Never more intimate and never closer to actually being together long term
He has crawled so deep in your head
That you are beyond terrified now
Soaking up all his lies, blanketing your being with his posturing.

You’re trying so hard now to shove any happiness with me down
Adding to your monumental mountain of dysfunction
On and on your sickness grows
Further into the black, further from any semblance of healing
And I stand here shaking my head, forever
With the most disgusting taste in my mouth.

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