“The Collective.”

In the silence of the night
Black and still, unalarmingly poetic
The days malady fades away
Any hurt is forgotten, albeit temporarily
When sleep is the poison we ingest
The holy bookend to our suffering
A necessary bridge from here to oblivion
If only we are given one more day to rise again.

Pensively, we ask for more than this
To require much beyond this miracle
Feeling all this discontent, here on my knees
Releasing a portion to my maker
It was only positivity, this lashing was not meant for me
In the milky way collective, a fragment of the dust
One of the many billion particles of matter
Considered a child of the most high.

It is an adjustment to subtlety say
To speak into existence two specks finding this kind of love
We are the fraction of a percentage
The fantastical anomaly that mere handfuls of people discover
All the adolescents yearning to be found
Then settling for a less than mundane existence with the father of their children
Losing themselves and crawling through each passing year
Embracing the gnawing bear trap chewing into their paralyzed flesh.

You know all the things and all the things know of you
This gifted treasure has sprawled itself across your lap
Looking up at you serenely and in complete adoration
Blessed inexplicably as one of the few souls inhabiting this earth
To stumble onto such colossal bounty
Pull it tightly into you and give it all you got
The past can be forgiven, what you do next is all that matters
Do not relinquish any further the most exquisite gift you will ever bestow.

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