When I think of the things we did
Heart in hand with you, my love
Amongst all our top moments together
I smile the widest when I think of Costco.

Pulling into the parking lot and seeing you in pink
Strolling towards the entrance with your eldest and your youngest
Such warmth to see, though sadly, still forbidden to meet them
My heart leapt for joy and I couldn’t stop smiling.

The spontaneity of it made it that much more exciting
On top of trying to stay distant enough
I’ll never forget that first glance across the building we shared, you grinning so big
If I could have bottled that heightened happiness, I’d be rich.

Your glorious essence was thick in the air
We locked eyes as you exited the produce
And my face almost hurt from smiling so big
I remember putting my hand on my jaw and forcibly attempting to remove it but to no avail.

I couldn’t even focus on any products that needed to hop into my cart
All I could think of was my next glance of you
Wrapped up in a dopamine high, the endorphins giving birth at a rapid rate
As though a big kid in a candy store where the only item that enticed me was you.

Looking over at you as we checked out was the best
My eyes couldn’t have eaten you up more thoroughly or fast enough
You must have seen me hovering outside of my body
Inhabiting the stratosphere amidst your presence in that place.

I have lived a thousand years and nothing came close to what you gave me that day
That event cemented the knowledge that we will feel like that forever
Nothing will ever be mundane with you, my love
And I know you feel me deep inside every time you glide those halls, whatever store you find yourself in.

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