“Meeks Furever.”

Looking through her pictures
Wanting her beside you now
Over three months ago she slipped away
You feel her, scratching at your heart
Her wet nose on your cheek
And her love throughout your soul.

She plays in peanut butter puddles
And prances joyfully in popcorn parades
Her heart is full as is her soft belly
An eternal puppy, joyful soul
Other furry friends keep her company
Though not the same as her brothers.

She misses you and looks for you always
Up, down and around every corner… “Where is mom?
Where is my family and why are they not here?”
Aching and longing, she feels what you feel
This side of the rainbow bridge is special
But she needs your hugs just like you need hers.

Call to her and she will come
Whisper her name to the sky
Her wagging, happy heart is yours
With you each step of the way
She is your Meeks furever
Calling back to you, can you hear it?

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