In all of my forty six years, I have yet to expose any abs. I’ve been way too fond of heavy, sugary crap like breads, pop and cookies. It’s not like I’m a junk binger by any means but I also have never been strict on my consumption. Until now.

Officially ten days into this thing and I’m actually killing it. Gutting it, if you must. I have told myself that for the month of September (for starters) I’ll consume next to no breads, pastas, cookies, pop, fast food or any junk in general. The idea is to burn off as much extra bloat-y fat I have on my bod and see where I end up. And I’ve noticed a difference by the end of day two.

I gotta say, I am loving what I’m seeing in the mirror. The more success you have with your body, the harder you work for more. The achieved discipline kicks in to an even higher level, streamlining your way to greater results. I friggin’ love this stuff.

The eating, or lack thereof, is the hard part. I find myself constantly fantasizing about pizza, McDonald’s, spaghetti and cake! I’ll be at the store strolling those aisles, telling myself “No, Krissy, no” then sometimes circle back for another look. For a while there before starting this up, I was bad for having chocolate in some form almost daily. The struggle is real but so is my self discipline, and it feels good.

Choices like more meat and fruit and veggies has been my new go to. Chicken, beef, pork, fish and sometimes together! Nuts and jerky, or cottage cheese at night is becoming a staple. I’ve upped my yogurt intake as well and I’ve been scarfing down plenty of eggs. Instead of sandwiches I’ll have a bunch of eggs with beans or deli meats with cheese. Avoiding obvious carbs is becoming more and more regular as the days progress.

The deprivation is real but it’s not some starvation diet. Sure, I’ve removed any and all comfort foods but in their place I am slamming back bigger portions of “The good stuff”. Ideally, I’ll not only make it ’til September 30th with this but I’ll continue on.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had a cheat or two. A side of pasta once and a bun once in ten days! Okay, the real cheats will happen, I think. Perhaps a real pizza night, existing outside of my mind? I do need to keep sane.

My workouts are now existing on another stratosphere. I’m hitting two body parts per workout instead of one, five days a week along with 60-90 minutes of cardio. Now I’m working each muscle group two to three times a week as opposed the old one to occasionally two.

*Hip thrustin’.

And I’m pushing myself hard with every set and with forced reps. These are the kind of gym sessions where I’m sore for a day or two after and achingly so. These are the kind of workouts where my entire gym ensemble is soaking wet. And guess who’s flippin’ lovin’ it? This guy.

Adapting new ways of doing things can be very tricky. To muster the strength and will power to carry out such things is sometimes unfathomable, or so we tell ourselves. But once you push past that invisible barrier and allow yourself a bit of time, you’ll look back and think why didn’t I do this sooner.

I want abs. Change is inevitable. What do you want?

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