“We Whittle Away At Forever Together-Part 1.”

We will never fully discern the enchantment placed on our hearts
Fairy tales foretell the reality that we float amidst
Our truths will never be understood by those less enlightened amongst us
They that hunger and thirst for a taste of the magic we possess.

We fell face first into this glimmering pool of complete and utter satisfaction
Fully emersed, we swam to the bottom with hands and hearts clasped together
Your innocence acquired my adoring passion
Colliding in a time when we needed each other the most.

We whittle away at forever together
Casting any negativity like skipping stones so very far away from here
With ease, we shake the branch that showers us
The fruit we bore in step with the rhythms of one another.

In wonderment I’ve lain at your feet
Gorging on your silhouette amidst the setting sun
Your resplendent virtue covers me whole
Craving this passionate delirium you convey.

Courting royalty never felt so natural
This loves crescendo reaches deep inside our cores
A palatial continuum of unfinished perfection
Nothing will ever unmagnetize our souls.

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