“We Whittle Away At Forever Together-Part 2.”

Hibernation tactics have been a factor amidst our love
Those moments when you need to find yourself and steady your footing
In this dream state in my head, I still give you all
These angel wings are wrapped around you tight, preserving this divine affection.

Serenade my soul with your heart infusing anthem
Penetrate my trembling walls and extinguish all my fears
Contemplate with me the mystery of our love
We won’t come up for air again.

I knew you in the womb, pulsing within your DNA
I grew with you and saw your world through your crystal eyes
I’ve known your grief and shed all my tears through your decades of dissatisfaction
And within your inclination to find me, you didn’t have to look far at all.

We have insulated our world with kindness and a union of elation
A safe space designed to uplift with exaltation
In me, you see everything you need and in you, I see nirvana
Seated side by side in our kingdom ever after.

With drying eyes we take the plunge
Removed from gravities hold, we navigate this great beyond
I will dwell in you forever, just put your hand in mine
One body, one mind, one heart in paradise.

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