Your kisses are strawberry fields on a warm summers day
Acres of aching devotion and sweetness divine
They are sugar cubes in my cup of tea
Warming my spirit as I soak up your memory.

Your kisses are the sleep that overtakes my weary eyes
The deepest peace while the curtains are drawn
They are the knowledge all is well
In a time of such uncertainty.

Your kisses are the vanilla cake batter collected on my spatula
The yummiest part of the process
They are the buttery goodness marinating my popcorn
Handful after handful, I won’t ever get enough.

Your kisses are the bubbly bath that bathes me
I dissolve into you like I disappear under the water
They are the equivalent of the evening hours on Christmas eve
Where the anticipation matches the sweetest destination.

They are life in place of death
They are hope where there was failure
They are hugs around my soul
And they are needed once again.

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