“Who You Truly Are.”

You are a butterfly
Are you able to see?
All you need to do is open your eyes.

There are so many parts of you needing rediscovery
Areas of you that define who you truly are
Simply put, you were meant to be more.

Though noble as it is, you are more than mother
You have excelled beyond many bearing this title
You have made it your first priority and you have brought your little blessings into adulthood.

You are most definitely more than wife
Though an amazing one you would be, were you madly in love with your heart in it.

You are such a talented photographer
Capturing magic and with a gift for light
Viewing life through a lens most of us can’t see
A career awaits when you are on your feet.

You are gym enthusiast extraordinare with such a passion to push yourself
You excel where your body and mind thrive
Following a course that many people fail to execute.

You are sister
You are one to turn to and you are cared for immensely
Built in to the core of who you are and this will never change.

You are friend
Those lucky enough to have you are blessed beyond their means
Enriching the lives closest to you in only the way that you can.

I see you as a leader in the church
Growing and sharing while you connect with many around you
Shining that light burning inside you.

And you are giver and taker of love everlasting
You are meant to feel alive and to be adored and to pour out your love
It doesn’t belong stuffed down inside.

You are called to step out into the glorious light
To move beyond simply one or two titles
And to re-embrace the you inside who has been dying to live her life.

You are a butterfly
Are you able to see?
All you need to do is open your eyes.

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