“No One Else But Me.”

You’ve stumbled onto happiness
At the most necessary time in your life
With a clouded heart and no reason to smile
You were given an open door
The sun itself blasting through it
A hand reached out
Calling to you, offering everything
A hand to hold and a heart to love
Fresh air in your lungs and peace in your soul
An engaged listener, hanging on your every word
An avalanche of adoration
A bottomless reserve of neverending affection pointed straight at your heart
Someone who read you well
And satisfied your every possible desire
Leaving your jaw on the floor most days
Swept off your feet was an understatement
Encouragement for days, constantly building you
Even to the point where you didn’t feel worthy
With your confidence stripped away by the hell you’ve endured
Bottomless patience as you found your way
Navigating this effortless shot at joy you were given
Truths about love you were taught
Engraved on your innermost core
I touched you there
No one else but me
And I will love you forever
The same way you love me.

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