“Broken Patriarch.”

I am father
That is all
And that is good enough for me.

It is everything
They are everything
And I am nothing.

They are filled
They are loved
And I am empty.

All that’s in me has been broken
Every aspect of me suffers
Living, breathing, gaping void.

I am father
Look at me
Bottomless black insignificance.

12 responses to ““Broken Patriarch.””

  1. Incredible writing. So raw and beautiful.

    1. I appreciate that

  2. Wonderful writing! You’re just incredible the way you are!

    1. You’re very kind. Feeling in a spiral. It’ll pass

      1. I understand how that feels, I really so. It will pass. I’m here should you need an ear.

      2. You’re welcome!

      3. You on Whatsapp?

      4. I’m not no. Email?

      5. Sure or even insta or fb

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