I set out on a walk through the woods
And what I found was beauty incarnate
The most glorious backdrop one could imagine
In all of autumn’s majesty
Every infinitesimal detail warming my soul
As though I had come home after a lifetime of separation
The forest had come alive and welcomed every part of me
And in it I became lost as I found myself.

Night began to fall and I truly lost my way
The woods opened up and swallowed me whole
Daylight never returned as I stepped deeper and deeper into the void
Enveloped into the casket without my permission
Where life breathed sublimity
Death took the reins and pushed my face into the dirt
I didn’t fight, I didn’t thrash
As hell eclipsed my dying light, relief washed over me.

I wander these woods as this laden wraith now
Haunting the shell of what’s left of me
Commited to the darkness that sustains my misguided soul
Drunk on bitterness and murderous cravings
Banished by my hand for the sake of those I hate
Death will not find you for I take it on myself
And within the final glowing ember of what burns inside of me
I renounce the knowledge that I was ever born.

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