“Fear Versus Faith.”

She’s not worth it
She is so worth it.

She will never be free
She will very much emancipate.

She’s so hurtful and rude
She doesn’t mean to hurt me.

She’s so terribly damaged
She will heal wonderfully in time.

She doesn’t want to see me
She wants to see me so badly.

She doesn’t think about me anymore
She thinks about me around the clock still.

She knows she’ll never fully be with me
She knows we’ll be together forever.

She doesn’t look for me anymore
She looks for me everywhere she goes.

She likes keeping me blocked
She thinks about unblocking me nonstop.

She wants me to be with other people
She wants me all to herself.

She wants to stay trapped and empty
She wants to be fulfilled by me every second.

She wants to put her needs aside
She realizes the importance of fulfillment.

She wants to watch the rest of her life go by while pushing her happiness down
She wants to feel love, give love and live for love.

She will always believe the lies
She sees through them and will advance.

She’s got everything else on her mind
She is thinking of me right now.

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