The last time my girlies were sick was in the winter with covid as the culprit. Though I can’t exactly put my finger on it, they have been feeling under the weather the past 48 hours or so. It’s basically a couple of bad coughs with minor lethargy and one bout of fever thus far. Call it a cold or call it the bloody smoky air, they have been in better spirits.

Luckily, the past two days’ appointments were able to be switched to “virtual” ones, ushered in during the pandemic. Back to back days to and from the childrens hospital averted, I’m not complaining. With these sweethearts possibly contagious, staying put is top priority.

Some months such as this it’s just a barrage of dentists, cardiologists, immunologists and respirologists. Monitor this, administer that, prescribe this and so on it goes. I often wonder how I managed all this with full time employment.

The thing is there are so many other families out there, amongst all of our neighborhoods, living in such worse circumstances. My daughters require a ton of upkeep, for sure, but it could be so much worse. No one in this house is terminal and we get by just fine, considering.

So much of my life is a blur, it really is. Lately, I’m not myself, not by a long shot, yet there’s all these things needing to be addressed and carried out all around me nonstop it seems. I can’t get behind and turn a blind eye. I wouldn’t if I could.

So what’s a dad to do when one problem leads to the next and the household morale dips way down? He gets movie theater popcorn with layered butter, of course. It seemed the most logical choice at the time. I need smiles around here, even if they don’t belong to me.

With full tummies and hopefully hearts to match, they have gone to bed in search of a healing slumber. In the quiet of the night, there is peace in the air. My job will never be done and that’s the way I like it.

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  1. Hope they feel better soon. There’s a lot of bugs going round here at the moment, the natural result of schools going back I fear.

    1. Thanks. You probably right. It’s mostly coughs and my mom thinks it might have to do with the smoky air lately, I don’t know.

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