“June 8-Part 1.”

I don’t recall ever being so utterly filled with anticipation
The planning I put into that morning had me bursting at the seams with excitement
I had been giddy since its inception
And when I awoke it was Christmas morn.

Three dozen roses and it didn’t seem enough
I swear I pulled off those petals for a solid forty five minutes and loved every second
I took great care in arranging them symmetrically enough on my bed
Leaving just enough space on the side for you to sit.

My heart was beating outside of my chest when I watched you pull in
Within your embrace, you settled me quick
I held your hand as you followed me up to my room
Leading you into a scene you would never forget.

The look on your face is forever branded on my mind
Rose petals everywhere and roses in vases
You hugged me tight and told me how beautiful it was
I kissed your precious lips and said it was all for you.

After sitting you down, I brought in basins of warm water and towels
I knelt down in front of you and began washing your feet
I took great joy in dipping your pretty toes and holding you in my hands
The opportunity to be servant in your presence was an honor I beheld.

As I dried them I looked up to see you beaming
The warmth that gave me fed my soul for days
Our connection, though already unbreakable, was climbing before my eyes
I wanted every one of those perfect seconds to feel accounted for by my heart.

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