“June 8-Part 2.”

I removed the water and resumed my place on my knees in front of you
I remember physically shaking as I held the phone in my trembling hand
It acted as a makeshift notepad containing the many vows I had prepared to read you
My heart and soul went into every last detail I was about to deliver.

I might have gotten through the first handful of words without shedding tears
I confessed that I would always put you first, nurture you and defend you
I promised you I would always love you, love your children and support you
I vowed I would forever be your best friend, value you, lead you and give you everything.

When I got two or three vows in, you joined me in bawling your eyes out
You held me while you watched me pour out my soul in undying love
And when I finished, you held me so tightly and with my arms so strong around you
As we sobbed we drew deep inside one another, our spirits entwined as one.

We wiped each other’s eyes as tender hearted lovers do
And I wrapped my arm around you and began to pray for you
I spoke prayers of thankfulness and for your clarity and for our future
And the tears are flowing fast right now as all of this washes over me in memoriam.

With tears still in our eyes, I laid you down on the soft and sweet bed of roses
I made love to you cradled in your neck and we exchanged I-love-yous over and over and over
I’ll never forget the backdrop of the rose petals silhouetting my most beautiful lovers face and body
And in those heavenly moments nothing else existed but our love.

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