“Your Angelic Bidding.”

I am on wings of eagles right now
Soaring so incredibly high
Within the love of a sister
I have been touched by grace
Swooned by your undying love
Unmatched and unreliquished irrevocably.

Elevated by the truths my heart beholds
Kissed by the greatest string of words
Fingers pried apart by the horrendous grip of defeat
I have wiggled my way free
And only because of your magnets draw
Safeguarded by the fireworks of your heart.

I love you yesterday, today and forever
Poised under your waterfall with arms wide open
Happily accepting today’s lashing for tomorrow’s embrace
No matter when you steady that footing
And you dig down deep for the sake of the fervent cries of your heart
With head lowered and my sword in the earth, I await your angelic bidding.

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