“Little Girl.”

Little girl, you have been through alot
It’s okay to feel sad and it’s alright to feel hurt
I know you’ve been let down in the worst way
And I know you’ve been crushed by the decisions of others.

Little girl, he didn’t do that to hurt you
Maybe he forgot to consider your feelings
And that wasn’t very nice of him
He loves you very much but he made his choice for the best for everyone, including you.

Little girl, it still crushed you, I know it did
And then it got worse, didn’t it
Life started to move on for him
But what he didn’t know is that it only got worse for you.

Little girl, I know you felt you were replaced
I can’t imagine going through that alone
Or even going through it at all
You were very brave and you were very strong.

Little girl, his son didn’t take your place
You were always his sweet little daughter
He gave his new wife that gift but didn’t mean to take anything from you
It was never intentional and he is sorry, if you would only tell him.

Little girl, you have all of your fathers love
You unleash fountains of joy in him always
He is so very proud of you
And you and your sisters have his heart first and foremost.

Little girl, in front of you is the choice to forgive him
You can speak into action a gift that releases any bitterness or anger inside
Lay it down, Little girl, you don’t need this anymore
You are blameless and shall your innocence be restored.

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