“The Truth.”

We often wonder what the truth really is
More often than not it eludes us
We find ourselves functioning on the basis of survival
And comfort becomes a prison when the intent was never there.

The truth is your heart is with me
It hasn’t left here and it never will
The core of you goes with me everywhere
Your body is there but the rest of you is right here with me, and it is so very beautiful.

Trapped in the in-between for far too long
Yearning for what throbs for you outside your four walls
This unyielding desire won’t let up
A truth that permeates and satiates completely.

You know that I love you with every fiber of my being
You know that I would give my life for you
You know that these are the truths that I abide by
And I am home in your heavenly embrace.

In acceptance, we relinquish the struggle
This war in you should have ended long ago
As you step out onto the precipice with your toes dangling over
All these truths will welcome you home.

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