“The Keys To Your Soul.”

I had a dream where the world had ended
When civilization disintegrated while the essence of me fractured
Scattered among the ashes were the remains of my heart
My spirit, broken in two
I remained a part of the machine
And it pulled me under in its collapse.

Days and nights I lived among the debris
With a patchwork reassembly of my organs
I drifted and unsure how I survived
And then I saw you
With arms open wide and the keys to your soul
Offered up to me, the only other remaining entity on earth.

With death surrounding us
The monsters feeding on the dead littering the ground
And with fireballs raining down from the bowels of hell itself
It was simply you and me
How we’ve always wanted it to be
Where the only thing to do was love each other
And that’s what we’re going to do.

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