“One With The One.”

We purge despair in each other’s embrace
Holding tight to what cannot be let go
I’m clutching you as you hold my heart
While you hold me with your heart in my hands
Interlocked as one before God and man
Under the sun, aligned in the most perfect time.

You are life, and I drink from you with each breath I take
Swallowing the goodness emanating from your pores
You bait me with your smile, creeping your lips so elegantly
Punishing the sadness that leaves me the instant your spirit is near
When I am allowed to stroll up and down your glorious halls
This is the me that I was born to be, to be one with the one who satisfies all.

Your tears linger on my lips long after I’ve kissed them away
As this longing you’ve tried to force down rises up
These visions of your adoration for me that grows so fervently
Quench my own yearning for the touch of your skin
For the want of your mind and the crave of your heart
The entirety of me will satisfy you thoroughly forever.

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