“It Becomes.”

When there is nothing more to say
And I have exhausted every breath of adoration
It becomes achingly apparent
That I have only scratched the surface of the bottomless depths of your ocean.

When the walls have closed in
And I have said my final prayer
It becomes desperately obvious
That there is no end in sight to this dream I won’t awaken from.

When the day turns to night
And I am longing from afar
It becomes glaringly undeniable
That everything good inside me starts and stops with you, and is because of you.

When time becomes an enemy
And the truth has been shoved down deep
It becomes incredibly evident
That the volume of this story overpowers my unquenchable need for the here and now.

When faith evolves into myth
And the subtleties of my patience wane
It becomes gloriously prominent
That this passion we contain in our hearts will burn every roadblock in our path to the ground.

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