“The Rescued Heart.”

In the middle of the darkest storm
When you’re miles away from hope
Without the courage to see tomorrow
Incarcerated into something you never saw coming
Darkness overtakes
And the gentle soul inside of you
Begins to bend and twist
A ghastly shift that shouldn’t be
Shaming, confidence draining
The only choice is becoming numb
A hardening of your heart.

A fog amidst your soul
So thick you’ve stopped moving your arms
Instead of clearing away the mess
It sits heavier than ever
Pulling you down to the ground
Keeping you there intentionally
And though you cannot see
This ongoing chapter was titled sadly
“So It Shall Be” and so it shall indeed
But this is not the end
For there was healing in the air.

Remember that day of awakening?
When we called out to the heavens
And we prayed down your past?
There was anointing that day
When you offered up your darkest fears
And let go of the mountain of regret
With my hand against your chest
The heart that gives you life abundant
Was softened immediately and incredibly
Brought back from its somber dormancy
Rescued from the grave, never to return.

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