“Muscle and Tenacity.”

Weakness has never been your thing
You have acclimatized to your scenario
And within trauma there is deviation from yourself
You have gone inwards with all you have endured
And emotions have been forced down deep.

But the light inside you strengthens
Over time, your glory has risen up
As we aren’t designed to take so much garbage
You have taken yours bravely and without much complaint
But enough is enough, plain for all that care to see.

With a “no more” spirit and a tender, willing heart
You are able to force back the gates of hell
You can fly amongst the heavens
And bring it all right down to earth
For the grandeur of your wings are opening for all to witness.

Touched by grace, you are stronger than you think
Lies become erased with the renewing of your mind
Gaze in the mirror for you will not forget your glow
Raised up by prayers and adoration
As you linger in your new found muscle and tenacity.

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