“Winters Lullaby.”

You are my winters lullaby
Played on repeat and warming to my heart
Your voice, soothes and flows
Resuscitating embers in my soul
Your crystal clear delivery
Like pulling blankets up to my chin
Nestled in to bridge the distance
Between me and your breath on my skin.

Heady is your lullaby
Your fingers gently stroke the strings of my heart
Sending tingles through my torso
Indulgent whispers of your inner warmth
Evening my lopsided moments alone
Brought by thought into the chamber of your soul
Worshipped, resplendent with constant sweetnesses
And doted on amidst your angel wings.

There is mercy in your lullaby
I marinate painstakingly in your compassion
You thread the needle of my essence
Flowing through me, intertwined by grace
Enveloped by the warmth of your embrace
And this is how I shall live and I shall die
In the cross hairs of your adoration
Swelling and dwelling in your house forever.

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