“Ripples Of Me.”

My eyes are wells
Overflowing at the thought of your beauty
The depths of you
Are celebrated in my heart by the second
The memory of your kiss
Amplified by the intensity of the magnets in our souls
Come to me now
That we may reveal further truths within our symbiosis.

You belong with me
I ache to see you happy and fulfilled
Who you thoroughly are
Shines through your eyes brighter than the sun
The way you kiss me
Answers and unravels all of life’s mysteries
Inside our waterfall of joy
This love is soundproofed and alive.

I am stirring in your heart
Ripples of me waft within your blood
Calling out to you
From the warm depths of your vibrant soul
Lift your countenance to the sky
Your love for me empowers you to crush the snake
Redeem our living kiss
While you machete your way to prosperity.

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