“Don’t Let Go.”

Amidst the choppy waters
I barely buoyed without strength
And before plummeting beneath
The hands of your heart reached for me
From the brink of extinction
They pulled me to higher ground
Performing mouth-to-mouth on my soul
Within a rhetoric that eases so gently.

An apocalyptic encounter
That has teetered my entire existence
Though I won’t go up when you go down
For there is balance on this ride together
You have saved me from a life of death
From the ledge, we’ve both stepped down
This serendipitous salvation cancels out
All the gloom that once we used to breathe.

On this pedestal we bleed
From us pours the way we used to be
To challenge the mortals inside us all
We relinquish the chains that bind the past
I have bought everything you want to sell
I have discarded your leftovers far from this place
And in this dream you hold my hand
You won’t let go. Please don’t let go.

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