“On Ponds Of Glass.”

With your laces tied so tight
I saw you step out onto the ice
The way you glided
I swear I was watching God create the galaxies
Or was I under the piano bench of Mozart
Listening to the grandest concerto of all time
This urgent sense of audiencing greatness
Befell me in the most spectacular of ways.

You traced figure eights around my heart
Cutting the ice with your pristine precision
And within the building momentum
You sprang into triple axels galore
Landing every single one of them
To the roaring applause of my enchanted self
And when your graceful inertia propelled your Biellmann spin
You reminded me why I draw breath: to be alongside you.

You’ve given me the keys to your kingdom
And the password to your heart
On ponds of glass you come on fire
Spiral spinning weaving wizardry
Like a bullet barreling toward me
The way you came into my world
So I shall watch you dance on ice forever
While you dance with me inside my head.

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