“The Calling Of Your Heart.”

We never came this far for you to give up on yourself
I will not allow you to deceive your heart any longer
The time has come for you to make a way
To diffuse this balloon your life has become
You have been let down far far too long
Living something not meant to be
You are better than the script you’ve been given
So set aflame to that which has taken so much from you and from us.

I carry your heart under my wing from our beginning to the end
These unwritten pages call to us, they beckon the pledge
Cradled in my arms lies your dearest contentment
Safe and serene and protected to my death
But there is so much life for us to savor
We have both been born again
In this perpetual loop of complete fulfillment divine
Engage the calling of your heart and don’t look back.

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