“My Desire.”

I desire to hear you
To give ear to your every thought
To never tell you how to feel
Never instruct you on what to say.

I desire to drink you in
To put you first above all else
To consider your feelings before my own
Never to take an inch of you for granted.

I desire to lead together
To do the things you want to do
To never make you go anywhere
Never to feel any lack of control.

I desire to give to you
All that I have inside me is yours
You are my first priority and my feelings reflect that
Never to leave you unfulfilled, ever.

I desire to worship you
To forever dwell in your presence
To adorn your hands and your feet with kisses
Never to let you second guess my bottomless adoration of you.

I desire to wed you
I was prepared to all this time
To give you the life you so desperately desire
Never to be without you again.

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