“Your Everything.”

Justified and cleansed
The freshest wind from heaven
Seeping in this place
Raining down your grace
You have been redeemed
Bursting at the seams
Emboldened blazing light
Bestowed upon your soul tonight.

Sanctified and saved
Your glory shall remain
This beating of your heart
At your feet I fall apart
Rife with awe and heady truth
Swoon my spirit, somber soothe
This song of love to you I sing
I am to you, your everything.

I’ve been your light, I am your guide
In you, I am inside
And you in me, forever free
Your burning love, the first degree
This gifted heart you give to me
To hold and cherish indefinitely
I’ll give you back the world and more
To you, I’m bound forevermore.

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