“The Grandeur Of Your Presence.”

Portraits of you on the mantelpiece of my heart
On display for my souls delight
You have made history in my existence
And I will cherish the embodiment of your identity for all days.

The grandeur of your presence liquefies any trepidation
As I commune with the woman of my dreams
In those moments, continuity is God
And these remnants of our love will light the way.

When corresponding in dreams is all that we’ve accomplished
You come alive in my arms amidst the Eden we create
Inside a limitless playground of heart rendering soul mating
We belong to only each other.

So, in this pathological frolic of our spiritual connotation
Legends were made in times of less equilibrium
Tethered hearts cheating gravities dominion
It’s no wonder we will never leave this enchanted embrace.

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