“Everything Good.”

Everything good is to be given to you
You’ve weathered enough storm for five lifetimes
Your whipping post soul is in dire need of restoration
In the palm of my hand, no more harm shall come to you.

You are to be exalted on high
To remain amongst the clouds every day onward
To be treated like the woman that you were created to be
And under my care I will bless your name.

There is much to unlearn as you step into the light
You are shedding skin and a bruised heart as well
Your battered emotions will heal just like the sun will rise again
And all these protective walls are smashed to smithereens.

You will thrive amidst your healing, everything made new
We will reinstate your holy name, pulling you from the grave
Every fertile step you take you’ll have my hand in yours
For you are the jewel in the crown of my existence.

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