“Unbruise The Lily.”

I wasn’t looking for a lily when I found you
Without agenda, it felt like chance
The waves that had pulled me out to sea
Lulled my soul when I fell at your feet.
I looked past the dust that was on you
The stripes of your mistreatment intact
Hands reaching out from the crevice of your core
Your need for my attention matched the reciprocating outcry of my own.

With fingers interlaced, I began pulling you up
This flawless lily permeating glory and tender beauty
The reverence of your heart forever amazed me
How could I ever be expected to look away?
A calling on my life so brilliant and visible
To unbruise the most sacred flower
Is exactly where I am supposed to be
There could be nothing more worthy of my time.

The days that have gone and the minutes that will come
Have been meticulously planned and shall not be wasted
I’ll transplant your soil while you draw from your roots
This replant that has been called into action.
We crack open the sky and we call down the light
In all of its glory to suffice the bounty right where you stand
And with every drop of my adoration showering upon you
You will grow in the hands of the one that created you.

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