“Tattooed In Gold Eternal.”

I have never loved you more
Your vulnerability to me softens my heart
You continue to give me the best of you
When you could have provided me what was left of you.

It is an exceptional joy to be at your table
I have made reservations for the remainder of your days
And they are plentiful as we have discovered the fountain of youth
You keep me young enough to lift you up amongst the stars.

I will open your doors as you continue to open your heart
I stroke the strings of your guitar fluidly
Leaving our music everywhere we’ve been
There won’t be silence in the home we call our own.

Jubilation has come when we thought that the world was without
Let me drizzle more honey on your spirit
When the sum of our hearts is bigger than any fortune
We shall burst and burst again with liquid love on tap.

Kneel with me and embrace my naked flesh
In this garden, I am the king of your jungle
And I will love you ’til no other words remain
On your heart, tattooed in gold eternal.

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