“I Want To Believe.”

I want to believe you have loved me by the way you describe
I want to believe it in the way you have shown me
And even now I want to somehow still believe it, here at the end
But the hurt you unleash on me buries me and anything that was good has leaked through the cracks.

I want to believe you choose me even though your body is trapped where you are
I want to believe you’ve told me the truth when all I feel are lies
And even now at the end, I still want to believe you care enough to save us
But you are just as sunk as me and our love will die like the love in your home.

I want to believe someone other than me will one day show you the way
I want to believe you won’t spend the next thirty years as miserable as the last thirty have been
And I really, truly want to believe you will know the incredible value of you
Because you are the most beautiful person I had the pleasure to know and to love.

2 responses to ““I Want To Believe.””

  1. My granny always said it’s better to have loved than not at all, a bunch of bullshit! Love shouldn’t hurt. This reminds me of a love i once had, it was just a hot mess of dysfunction. Nice write 😊

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