“Freely And Without End.”

As we spoke, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you
I heard every syllable out of your perfect mouth
All the while I lingered on your face then your neck
I took in your beautiful breasts and the curves of your womanly hips.
We kept conversing, my eyes met yours then resided on your thighs and knees
My gorgeous girl, I can’t drink you in fast enough
I’ll always eat you up with my eyes when my mouth is temporarily full
Your golden beauty fills me to the brim and beyond with total satisfaction.

As we walked those halls, I couldn’t keep my hands off of you
Down your back, settling at the clasp of your pretty bra
My hand on your hip for a moment while you looked in my eyes
And down to your voluptuous caboose, teasing and grasping while you giggled and smiled so big.
Savoring that kiss with your angelic face in my hands
Pulling you in to the space where all we do is adore, freely and without end
Fingers interlaced, holding the hand of the one I love above all
Locked on one another, joined by flesh and by the throb of our beating hearts.

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  1. I was blushing so hard I couldn’t finish my comment and of course WP has not yet created an edit button for commenter. Oooohhh my, this was lovely on this beautiful Saturday morning 😊

    I look forward to part 2!

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