“The Firestorm of Our Love”

In the voyage of the damned
When the fuses have been lit
And we’ve warred against what we never should
With tears streaming from our eyes.
And the chalice that was filled has been poured out on empty
We crawl on our knees through broken shards of death
To find ourselves in the belly of our paradise
Once again, embracing the fruit we once had grown.

In the firestorm of our love
Proving our longevities worth
With growing abandon to the things that should not be
I’m standing here still, looking at you with the eyes you have for me.
Radiating kindness that never did evaporate
This symbiotic red carpet conjoining our fevered souls
Born on that day when we opened the doors to our hearts
To still blur out everything else besides my face in front of yours, and yours in front of mine.

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