“Second To God.”

The day begins like every other
A blur in my sunrise and rust in my crown
A muscle memory fraught with mundane circumstance
Alleviates nothing more than the quiet melody of song.

And as I tumble forward
In sync and clumsily, all packaged up tight
This day I will remember
This legacy of thought transparent to all.

Second to God, you’ve come on the scene
This manifestation of imperial glory
A smile to melt ten thousand hearts
It’s you. It’s only ever been you.

One look from you and my earth quakes
Every side of every possible piece of the puzzle is revealed
Every soldier lays down their guns
In the light of your beauty where all is complete.

My aches are forgotten, my wholeness has come
One word from your lips levels islands of sin
You are my waters of infinite youth
I sing to you, cling to you, in honor forever.

My beautiful, sun drenched, platinum bride
With tears of fire and passion hotter than the sun
Infuse me once again so I lack nothing
I only want to be with you.

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