“The Direction of Her Life.”

I wanted to censor myself
Wanted to shut my voice down
Because of your messed up obsession
You know who you are.

Grow the fuck up
This is the direction of her life
I’m in love with her
And she loves me more than you can know.

As she’s talking to you now
She’s thinking about me
As I think about her constantly too
A reciprocation of adoration for the ages.

For the love of God, encourage her
Tell her to seek happiness
Stop dragging her to the oceans floor
Resign yourself and put her first, oh God, for once.

She’s had enough control
Both versions you both spew can die
Ask her what makes her happy
The simplicity of what you’re missing could take your head off.

Rescind your disgusting tentacles
Pray for mercy on your soul
Beg her for forgiveness and relinquish your chains
She must flex her muscle wings and fly far, far away.

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