“Your Persevering Presence.”

Every time you tell me that you love me
My heart melts and fills me full of tingle
The oceans roar is unheard compared to the soul recharging reverberations you dispense.

Every single text that tells of your love
Crushes demons that are trying to steal my joy
One moment of your sugar coated sweetness elevates me beyond the very crest of Everest.

With the glorious seal of your lips on mine
The rush of a vast rollercoaster plunge is the greatest understatement
Within your embrace, I find God when my spirit vacates the unnecessary confines of my body.

Every single time you show me your love
The universe implodes and I notice not as it’s only ever been just you and me
Nothing has ever existed when your persevering presence is eclipsing whatever else used to matter.

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