This journey disappoints
This journey doesn’t fail
This journey breaks my heart
This journey can’t prevail.

This journey brings healing
This journey cures all
This journey unites us
This journey breaks down walls.

This journey takes away
This journey brings deceit
This journey pushes boundaries
This journey’s bittersweet.

This journey’s moving mountains
This journey sets us free
This journey drips with passion
This journey is so sweet.

This journey calls to action
This journey does fulfill
This journey opens cages
This journey is a thrill.

This journey is forever
This journey will not cease
This journey seals our future
This journey brings release.

This journey’s set in motion
This journey knows one end
This journey is our future
This journey always mends.

This journey is important
This journey cascades light
This journey won’t divide us
This journey’s our birthright.


There’s an invite in your mailbox to my funeral
But sadly, you won’t make an appearance
For as you denied me in your world for real in life
You will deny me still in death.

The lies you spin are a blanket of deceit
Your dishonesty fits you like a noose
A homemade suicide machine
Snuffing every good thing that was reaching out to you.

“Our Light, So Magic.”

Lay swaddled in my love
Penetrating from above
In the storm, our peace will swell
As I rescue you from hell.

In indemnities cool sway
We will never be halfway
This embrace we hold so soundly
While your love is all around me.

While your love is all around
Tethered tightly we are wound
Hearts enraptured in our bliss
The pulsing glory of your kiss.

Cuddled closely every breath
Plucked from constant daily death
Burn your past and all that’s tragic
Step inside our light, so magic.

“Hold Your Hand Eternal.”

Every hour we don’t message, I miss your thoughts
I teter and I bend, and I break while you pretend.

Every minute we don’t talk, I miss your voice
I empty and I hollow, and I wisp away and wallow.

Every second we don’t linger, I miss your inclination
I shimmy and I falter, and I question at your altar.

Every moment we don’t commit, I miss your souls embrace
You’re the star of my daily journal, and I hold your hand eternal.

“We Will Occupy.”

I have never been so understood until you came along
Standing before you so naked and present
Yielded to the majesty inside you
Culminating from the adoration that reverberates from you.

Two souls that completely get one another isn’t something new
But it’s new and so very welcome to us
After wading through so much of our lives
Unknowledgeable that this sort of union existed.

Akin to sunlight when all we’ve known is night
This gift is something we hold on to and cherish greatly
For this light will never be extinguished
And we will occupy our love forever.

“Bliss Abounding.”

Your closeness to me is the only thing that matters
You draw in more every day
Your love for me blurs out everything else
I wear your song on my heart so proud.

You cling to me and I delve deeper into you
The magnets of our souls pulse and throb
All the truths you speak keep us tightly wound
Interwoven in bliss abounding.

“My Darling.”

My darling, I adore you
Dwelling in your perfect embrace
Glorious moments in these tumultuous times
Fanning flames that span acres into oblivion.

My darling, I adore you
Ingesting your mouthwatering delicasies
Drawing in where we can’t get enough
Purposefully milking every aspect of our love.

My darling, I adore you
The best of friends that drink from every word
Taking ample bites of one another triggers deeper cravings
Where we find ourselves is heaven sent.

“There Will Never Be Another.”

There will never be another you
Radiating platinum gold divine
Permeating generosity and light
And loving me like there is no tomorrow.

There will never be another us
Patience giving birth to inclusion supreme
Fulfilling each other’s longings complete
And serving one another as the only two on earth.

There will never be another me
Gratifying you like you’ve never known before
Celebrating the treasures that define who you are
And protecting the woman that you are called to become.

“Constant Adoration.”

Each new day my eyes dance all over your beauty
Serenading the memory of the one that I love
Cradled in your constant adoration
Idolizing the fantasy that took shape so long ago.

Delving deeper into the essence of your affection
Caught up in the bounty that is you
Devoid of any trepidation of the future or our past
Constantly aligned with your wondrous inner workings.

Inscribing all our love inside the contours of our hearts
Where lies the vigilance of our days until the eons in the casket
Paltry cries that we’ve outrun and left behind
Pave the way for the amalgamation of our souls.

“The Golden Thread.”

Sometimes I just want to climb up her nose hairs
One hand in front of the other
Ascending the golden thread
Higher and higher
Tickling with each honest yank
Until I’ve reached the inner core
The sanctum of her schnoz
And frolic in the follicles that surround me.